Paper for sublimation

Due to customers various demands in relation to type o paper, printing techinique, material and aplication, we offer as ublimation paper in following weights, and of different coatings:

- Sublimation paper 60g L - paper dedicated for a metric and economic printing

- Sublimation Paper 75g L - quickly drying paper with good drying and transferring abilities 

- Sublimation Paper 75g M - adhesive paper designed for a soft polyester fabrics, dedicated for sportswear

- Sublimation Paper 85g - paper for all kind of productions with good drying parameters, well reflects a colour 

- Sublimation Paper 90g L - quickly drying paper with excellent drying time. Responds well higher saturation prints

- Sublimation Paper 100g S - adhesive paper of good stickiness abilities. Works well on a flat presses as well as on calanders

- Sublimation Paper 100g HS - very sticky paper with reinforced adhesive coating. Perfect for thicker fabrics for sportswear, works excellently on flat presses


Special coating on sublimation paper:

- allows You to reduce ink consumption

- quarantees excellent transfer results

- ensures accurate transfer of printed details  

- trully keeps a reproduction of colour (up to 98%)

- very good absorbency - need no redrying

-very good adhesion (viscosity) to the material we print on

-no ghosting effect due to the special sticky surface

- a special design for printing on: sportswear, flags, banners, lanyards, etc.

We offer sublimation paper in various widths: 210mm ,270mm, 300mm, 330mm, 360mm, 420mm, 600mm, 720mm, 750mm, 810mm, 900mm, 1050mm, 1070mm, 1080mm, 1260mm, 1320mm, 1500mm, 1620mm. 

Bearing in mind the needs of our customers and their productions, we provide opportunity to customize the width and lenght of paper.

We invite You to try our products and cooperate with us ! 

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